Hello, we are the SWITCH OFF team 

We are just happy people that want to make the World a happier place, by sharing our experiences about spiritual and physical development. 


 Our mission here is to simplify the navigation of information and short-cut the path to a greater understanding of one's self and the Universe.

We would like to combine our knowledge of spirituality, health, alternative lifestyles and science around the World.

 To unite all people and support a collective initiative to change, to open their minds to greater morals and higher vibrations throughout society.

This is a place to meet like-minded people with the same interests, goals & projects; people that are open to discovering new potential about the human body, soul, mind and consciousness. 

We aim to provide clues and enhance skills to be able to better play the game that we call "Life" and help turn that game into an amazing experience, full of love and harmony. 

Walk with us...



Julia Wonder


I'm a professional ballet dancer and teacher as well as a Pilates, Yoga and  posture correction trainer. I have 15 years experience in education; creator of  the method "Education from the Heart".  

Coach of healthy lifestyles and holistic healing. 

Alex Fan

Inspirational Guide 

I'm an Astro-Motivator.

The creator of a new concept: Astroart is the synthesis of art and Astrology.

I have been practising my personal method for more than 10 years, through a combination of different schools, including Astrology, psychology, numerology and Kabbalah.

Kiril Guru 

Project Development

I come from the Arts and Entertainment industry, but have now shifted my focus to the more holistic development of mind and body superpowers . 

Balancing emotional and physical issues is included as part of my intention as described in my project "The Technique 43"