Self-healing Modalities & Inner Work Guidelines

Inner Work

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
-Carl Jung

Otherwise known as inquiry or the questioning of ideas/beliefs and constructs that shape our perception of reality and dictate our actions and way of being in the world, and are held in our energy field. Change can only happen by choosing to face, see, feel, acknowledge and accept/allow what is already here now. Once this is done, deeper aspects of our Self can come forward and our True Being that we came here to embody can express itself outwardly. The journey is not linear and once started, synchronicity and resonance tend to lead one to the right practitioners and modalities that address a particular level of being that requires realignment towards your true ground of being. Do not be surprised at re-visiting patterns at different levels of their expression as this is what normally happens on the spiral of growth and expansion of awareness of Self.

Attitude is Key

“Today you are You,

that is truer than true.

There is no one alive

who is Youer than You!"

-Dr. Seuss

We choose our attitude when we approach a person or a situation and our thinking and feeling about it determines our relationship to it and its outcome and consequences for ourselves and others. Ultimately it is a choice between a love-based or a fear-based approach. Choosing love (the unconditional kind) requires the gradual (for most) sacrificing of all of our identifications, creations and attachments that were based in fear. Some (roles, jobs, relationships, patterns of being and behaviour) will be transformed and some will just fall away. Resistance and feelings of discomfort are a natural part of this process, much like growing pains or sports training, and learning to allow for them and embrace them goes a long way towards making your journey run smoother. Beware shortcuts as on a spiritual level there can be a high price to pay later on – ultimately no part of ourselves or life can really be avoided.

Self is a mystery and the journey towards it is sacred, and thinking of it in this way alters it profoundly on a  deep level. It is not an upgrade project about fixing of what is wrong or about endless self-improvement. It is about shedding layers of what is not really true and causes suffering for yourself and others, and instead gradually moving towards inner harmony and uncovering the gifts and treasures of being you already have within that you’ve come in to share with others.

Inner Reconciliation is a simple , user friendly and gentle program on how to approach yourself as you heal and integrate into your wholeness. It is very effective in teaching you how to regulate your nervous system and emotional body (Level 1 incorporates EFT as well, explained below) and how to be with yourself in a way that works. It is also inexpensive and offers guidance and sequencing that is very valuable on this journey. It also may be the only program that you ever need if it resonates.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

A simple technique best used to work with strong emotions in the moment in order to integrate them and release the emotional charge and stress from the body as well as to retrain your nervous system to allow new levels of flexibility and experience. It involves gentle tapping on energy meridians on the face and upper torso – some practitioners use more points than others, but the technique is easy to follow as they do it on the videos (links below). You also repeat statements around the particular emotion as you go and notice how they affect you. You can change the wording to suit your situation. This method has a proven success rate related to chronic pain issues, ingrained emotional patterns and manifesting desired results and can be repeated as needed. Recommended practitioners:


Byron Katie – The Work

Do you get worked up about the actions and behaviours of other people or institutions? Then  engaging with The Work, which is available free of charge, including worksheets, is for you. As with all processes recommended here, the magic of what it can do for you has to be experienced to be believed. It is a tool to liberate your mind from suffering and allow your life to expand into joy and harmony. Its simplicity is deceptive and its effects profound. The key is, again, consistency and actually doing it. Eventually you find out you haven’t got anything to put down on a Judge Your Neighbour Worksheet, and that is a great feeling!

Example sessions:

Vipassana Retreat – free/donation-based, and available across the world

This is a more intense immersive approach if you can take 10 days out of your schedule to commit to a sparse vegetarian diet, silence, and a lot of mindfulness-based meditation hours per day. Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, who has taught vipassana for many years, likes to speak of the “vipassana face-lift”, as those who choose to undergo this purification and switch off process, suddenly look 10 or 20 years younger! This is much like a spiritual boot-camp, but it is also a great way to get a handle on the discipline and commitment of spiritual work in a relatively short period of time. Soul gains!

Ancestral/Subtle energies

Ancestral Clearing  – John Newton

John’s work is simple, direct, based on forgiveness work and can have profound effects, addressing whatever pattern is held in your energy field by working with your Infinite Self directly. You can experience it anytime by listening to a free monthly call after signing up for the newsletter.

SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)

Pendulum-based energy work working with your greater Self directly to clear unconscious, past life and ancestral patterning that your soul is ready to let go of on a subtle body level. Try the free general sessions on channels below to see if this modality resonates with you.


Michael Golzmane – Clear & Connect

Spiritual Healing Therapy – Alexandra Dobigies


Mind/Body Connection

If not your starting point, body work in one form or another will likely pop up as part of your integration journey, as our deepest patterning is held in the physical body itself. Consistency is key – the below modalities are excellent for embedded chronic pain as well as addressing pre-verbal wounding and trauma resolution work.

Yoga (not the drop-in gym classes but more comprehensive courses with a committed and appropriately trained teacher you resonate with) that encompasses consistent spiritual practice of breath work, meditation and/or mantra.

Dr David Berceli’s TRE - Trauma Release Exercises – this modality can be learned in a group class, from the book or DVD and practiced at home and can have great nervous system regulation effects over time, especially for those experiencing PTSD symptoms from long term stress.


Somatic Experiencing – pioneered by Dr Peter Levine, this work has achieved remarkable results in releasing trauma from the body and requires working with an experienced practitioner.

For those interested in the body/mind connection, other modalities to look into if you feel drawn, include Feldenkreis, Core Aliveness, and Bioenergetics.


When to Work with a Practitioner

Because humans are mammals and most of our wounding did come in through relationship, it is likely to be resolved more smoothly through a relationship as well, especially if you are facing shock, generational or developmental trauma and abuse issues. Our nervous systems tend to co-regulate together. The recovery process can be shorter, safer and smoother once you align with a facilitator that can hold the space for you and feels safe to be with, offering a model of healthy and reliable relating patterns. Occasionally a life circumstance will also be too much for us to process safely by ourselves and if you hit a period of stagnation or plateau, that is also a sign to work with someone else to facilitate this transition through witnessing. When witnessed in a non-judgmental space we allow ourselves to experience repressed childhood/trauma-based emotions much more easily, so if you find you’re not accessing the deeper blocks you are aware of carrying (and outside circumstances are not bringing you what you want to experience), working with someone is indicated. Often we have not received enough mirroring and holding of space during the exploration phase as children and a therapeutic relationship can simply fill in those gaps until we learn to parent ourselves and integrate at those deeper, often pre-verbal levels of being appropriately. Once a definite decision to heal and change is made, you are likely to gravitate to a practitioner and modality that is right for you at that time. For some, therapeutic groups and/or workshops will be the way to go – always feel into what resonates for you.

Family Constellations

Deep soul-level work, originated from shamanic healing models by Bert Hellinger, family constellations will really help you understand in an embodied way how energy/life force, also called love, flows through family systems and also how and why patterns perpetuate through generations that follow until stopped and where they come from. This is deep work with the unconscious and is proven to work in the same way in every country and culture around the world as it works with the energy blueprint of being human we all share. If you are ready for deep change and to delve deeper into the mystery of your being and your functioning within your family system and the greater human constellation, seek out a trained practitioner near you. If not ready to delve into your own constellation, you can participate in the constellations of others or just witness the process for a small fee. This modality is recommended for blocks that are resistant to change and are difficult to understand on a rational level, i.e. being unable to conceive or enter into a marriage, despite a strong desire to do so, for instance.

I need to mention self-care here – such deep work can be quite draining (in a good way), so it is vital to be very gentle with oneself after experiencing it and also, do not be surprised if you need a lot of sleep to integrate the changes. Make sure you have some time off after experiencing it, and do not over-think the experience, as what happens here is beyond the level of the conscious mind, and its approach to understand at this level can be reductive. I would also suggest not watching too many videos on You Tube (besides Hellinger interviews) before experiencing this process for yourself, as the less your conscious mind knows (and it tries to control what it knows to defend itself against change) the more profound the changes will be for you. This process is all about direct experience, as are all modalities that are effective in facilitating lasting change.

Holotropic Breathwork

Designed by the acclaimed Prof. Stan Grof, the pioneer of transpersonal work, to simulate the consciousness-expanding out-of-body LSD experiences when the use of LSD became illegal, using our body’s own capacity to produce DMT and access greater levels of consciousness through accelerated continuous breathing and music, this modality is life-changing, offering you reference points beyond this reality construct by allowing you to experience altered states of consciousness organically, without the side-effects and intoxication generated by the use of plant medicine. Direct experience of one’s own beingness and capacity for experience is the greatest healer of souls.

Transpersonal Art Therapy

One of many modalities that will help integrate inner child aspects of Self (this part of inner work cannot be avoided without entering into downward spirals and will come up in any modality that works with root causes) in a gentle and creative way. Creativity is often an underrated tool for healing, and yet it is fundamental to human nature and through it we can express and transmute energy way beyond what words can encompass, offering a transformative outlet and tool for growth and self-inquiry. There are many types of art therapy and I am recommending here a psycho-spiritually aware model that works with realms of human experience beyond what the traditional biomedical models can cater for. Your inner journeys are not just about healing and integration, but about uncovering your own inner mysteries, self-knowledge and exploration. And they can also be very fulfilling, rewarding & fun! (look for joy & wellbeing in your facilitators, beware the grim ones!)


Gradually choosing to sacrifice foods/relationships/jobs/environments/beliefs/media/behaviours that are not good for you or outright toxic (and people that are toxic to you may be fabulous for others, just like different foods at different times!) leads to openings of greater awareness. You lose what you know does not work for you (and only you really know that, because you know how it makes you feel) and you gain soul gains. Moderation is key to maintaining balance – treating oneself harshly should be avoided in order to break the old paradigm cycles of physical, mental and emotional violence and to embrace constructive, interdependent and cooperative ways of relating – on the inside and on the outside.

Deep Relaxation and Play Time – active or passive

Massage, gardening, swimming, sports, creative pursuits, nature walks – should be scheduled in as you engage in any in-depth work. This is very important aspect of self-care to maintain balance and wellbeing as you engage with the deeper levels of your psyche. The processing of strong emotions needs to be paced appropriately for you (we need to learn to walk before we can fly) and needs to be offset by re-balancing, joyful activities.

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."

-Oscar Wilde