Nutrition & Conscious Living Tips

The Golden Rule

"Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food."

- Hippocrates

This earthly realm, however we choose to approach it, is also here to be enjoyed. At different points of the life journey different foods will feel nourishing to you as diet shifts usually naturally accompany consciousness shifts and do not need to be forced. Just following this one precept – everything in moderation – will see you through and keep you out of the realm of addiction and imbalance.

Addictions and challenging relationships with food indicate an inner imbalance, usually due to holding a distorted belief/repressed emotion or inner conflict in the energy body (this might not be personal, could be ancestral for example) that is somehow related to nourishment. Please see the work of Geneen Roth on healing the emotional connection to food, including eating compulsions, control issues, self-image work and addictions.


The work of the pioneering Masaru Emoto woke many up to the amazing effects thought energy has on matter. Water restructuring was part of shamanic practice of many cultures, and is now resurfacing with trends in various methods of water purification such as distillation and filtration. What one has to bear in mind is where the energy of our intention to structure our water is coming from – like peacocks we are powerful enough to transmute anything into, well, light or the original template of creation which supports us at all times. It is enough to use a filter on your water and imbue it with the energy you wish to enhance in yourself, by meditating on it or putting words on your favourite water container. A glass water bottle can also be put outside to “capture the sun.” Since we are basically walking cucumbers, as humans our relationship with water is important – on the micro and macro levels. If you don’t have such a relationship already, create it. If you can, taste and utilise water offered directly by nature – from rain tanks, dew - the amazing inspiration for Bach remedies, and natural springs.


Fruit are said to be the most obvious offering of nature to feed human beings and many have healed their chronic conditions via the life force and nutrition found in fresh fruit and vegetable juices. The trick is utilising produce that has not been fiddled with in terms of GMOs and chemicals and finding the inner strength and conviction to choose to change and get healthy.

For inspiration watch the funny, multi-award winning documentary by Joe Cross Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, documenting his life and health overhaul journey with juicing and which you can watch for free after joining the newsletter. Super Juice Me!  by Jason Vale is another documentary chronicling the amazingly beneficial impact of juicing on people with chronic health challenges.


Used for purification and rejuvenation by all religious and spiritual traditions known to man, this practice when done properly allows the body to turn off its digestive functions and proceed towards self-healing. For anyone going through health challenges on any level that feels drawn to this option, I would highly recommend a proper fasting retreat where experts who have undertaken this journey themselves can guide you through the process and adjust it according to your individual needs. Fasting can be quite a deep and spiritually opening experience, as all your senses get clear and subtle functions switch on. Serious fasting requires enemas which are easy to learn how to do yourself, but to start off it is best to seek out specialists in your area so you can learn about your body’s limits and needs safely.

For general health benefits you can start by fasting one day per week – you will start noticing the effects soon enough, especially if weight is a concern - just beware of overcompensating on the other days! For purification purposes, it takes at least 3 days for the body to release toxins, and you may experience detox symptoms such as headaches and skin issues. To lose unwanted kilos, intermittent fasting has become a safe method proven successful for most.

Fasting is not about deprivation. This process has traditionally been part of spiritual initiation practice for a good reason – it involves a sacrifice, letting go of one way of being (dying) and welcoming another (re-birth), giving up some of the material pleasures and attachments, in order to open to more spiritual nourishment. Indian gurus claim that fasting does “burn off karma” and as the physical vehicle is being cleansed, other forms of toxicity which are mirrored in the outer reality tend to fall away as well.


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,

if one has not dined well."

-Virginia Woolf

Chia seeds, quinoa, acai and goji berries, spirulina, activated nuts, sprouts, wheat shots – these are not just hipster trends but nature’s powerhouses of nutrition, so craved by our nutrient-deprived bodies in an overwhelmingly and increasingly nutrient-depleted contemporary food world. If you are over 40, can you remember what tomatoes and strawberries straight out of nanna’s garden used to taste like? The trick is to try these different miraculous foods and incorporate them into your diet in stages, depending on your needs and preferences. Eating local produce according to season in your part of the world harmonises your system with your natural environment, as does the consumption of consciously harvested local honey, which has well documented medicinal properties and contains pollen from your local plants, boosting your immune system as well as diminishing allergic responses, including hay fever.

Cosmetics & household cleaners

Once one reads labels, especially on household cleaners, such as “this product causes harm to  aquatic life and/or bees”, etc. It becomes difficult to justify using them or supporting industries that produce such substances - why are we still doing that? By harming the larger ecosystem we are only harming ourselves, as we are a living, breathing part of it. Most supermarkets and health food stores offer a selection of non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products as well as cosmetics for personal use – an investment worth making, as we get to vote for the reality we (and our grandchildren’s grandchildren) wish to experience.

Most things can be cleaned using lemons, baking soda, vinegar and essential oils in different combinations. Ever inventive, nature has even provided a natural laundry product for us: soap nuts. Highly recommended for those with chemical sensitivities, soap nuts leave your clothes clean, with a pleasant smell as well as texture – no fabric softener needed.

What’s love got to do with it?

In one of his many books, Deepak Chopra relates a study done on lab bunnies. The bunnies were being tested on for cosmetics and were generally of poor health as a result – except for a mysterious twosome - two rabbits that somehow powered through every test, recovered quickly and were doing remarkably well. It took the investigators quite a while to uncover the cause of this miraculous immune invulnerability (which tells us how far we’ve strayed from looking at things from this particular perspective) – after going through all the procedures and policies and tests, they finally interviewed the staff about exactly what they did with their test subjects, in order to uncover what was different here. It turned out that one particular staff member who worked with these two rabbits, simply happened to love bunnies and during his shift, took them out of their cages, gave them pats, and talked to them softly as you would to your pets. Voila, the secret to a strong immune system (and everything else really): unconditional love, fully expressed through touch and sound and vibration.


"Part of the secret of success in life

is to eat what you like

and let the food fight it out inside."

-Mark Twain

Self-love is ultimately the healthiest diet there is and it is a journey. It involves surrendering to and trusting the process of life itself and where it leads you as your awareness expands. It may lead you through fasting, juicing, vegetarian, vegan, raw food and paleo diets and even sun gazing or pranic breathwork practices. This journey is unique and you ultimately if you so choose you will be guided to your particular best options, practitioners and lifestyles depending on your intention and life path.


This is definitely not meant as an excuse to stuff your face with fast foods! As your system becomes ever more sensitive to vibration in general, you will know not just what tastes good, but what serves you by how it makes you feel and its longer term effects on your physical, emotional and mental bodies. This journey goes in a spiral and sometimes we will crave heavier, more grounding foods, and sometimes we will feel the need to fast. It is vital to listen to your inner guidance system which will become ever sharper at discerning what serves you at any given moment.

How a food looks, much as with people, is not necessarily reflective of its rate of vibration (all that glitters...). Much has been written about the energy of suffering and harmful chemicals carried by mass produced meat, poultry and dairy products reflective of industry standards that come from low consciousness levels of short-sighted focus on profit and convenience. Same with genetically enhanced fruit and vegetables which may look good, yet lack substance (could the rise of plastic foods and plastic people be somehow related? Hmmmm). Again, it comes down to being in separation versus feeling the interconnectedness of all life.

In Aboriginal Australia and the Amazon cultures of old, hunting was not really necessary unless part of an initiation process. Gaia feeds us and sustains us voluntarily, out of love (the unconditional kind) which connects all things in one tapestry of life. These cultures tell us that they would just tune in and ask for food and an animal that was ready to offer itself would simply come forward. Even trackers today can develop an intuitive ability to simply know where an animal is before going out to look for it. Animal communication is one of those subtle skills that may just switch on for you as you undertake your journey towards true nourishment on the mind/body/heart/soul levels.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately it’s not only what you eat, but how you eat and how you relate to your food and your body that determines the effect as well as the nutritional value of it for you in that moment. Expressing gratitude towards the food and the interconnected web of life that got it to your table elevates its vibration and nourishes the web itself, encouraging it to bring you more of its inherent health and abundance.

"When walking, walk. When eating, eat."

- Zen proverb